Edy Rivard, RN
Director, Oncology
Gulf Coast Regional
Medical Center

As an associate of the UAB Health System Cancer Community Network, we benefit from UAB knowledge that is changing the way the world fights cancer. We not only have access to an indispensible stream of research, innovation and breakthroughs but we can now offer a program that will help guide patients, their family and caregivers through the challenges that come with cancer treatment and recovery.

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is among the 40 cancer centers in the nation to meet the stringent criteria for the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive designation. The center is a leader in groundbreaking research, reducing cancer disparities and leading-edge patient care.

Today, more people are saying “I’m a cancer survivor” than ever before thanks to new technologies and treatments developed at centers like the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, where more than 350 cancer scientists and clinicians are making discoveries every day.

The UAB Cancer Care Network, with affiliates in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, provides a program to support community-based oncology services, by offering broader access to clinical trials, continuing medical education for nurses and oncologists, and access to the latest education about advancements in the treatment and detection of cancer in the local community.

Annual Cancer Report

This year’s Cancer Program Annual Report is dedicated to cancer patients and their caregivers and support team. Cancer is often a disease experienced not just by the patient, but by those who they select to make the journey with them. We thank our patients for sharing their stories with us. May we learn through them the true meanings of hope and courage.