To install the PatientKeeper Android application on an Android device, follow these steps:

1. Enable the device to allow the installation of non-Market applications by making sure the following setting are turned on:

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

2. On your Android device, access the web address:

Depending on the Internet browser installed on your device, one of the following messages is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Starting Download.” No response is required.
  • This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep PatientKeeper.apk anyway?” Select OK.

NOTE: If you have installed the PatientKeeper more than once on your device, the “PatientKeeper.apk” in the message may be incremented with a number, as in “PatientKeeper-2.apk.” Or, you may see this additional message: “Do you want to replace the existing PatientKeeper.apk” in Downloads?” Select the Replace File button.

The PatientKeeper application begins to download to your device and a Download Arrow is displayed in the top banner of the screen.

3. Touch the top banner of the screen and drag your finger down to view the Notifications list and watch the progress of the download.

4. Once the download is complete, tap the apk (or PatientKeeper-n.apk) download notification from the Notifications list.

screenshots showing the process to download the PatientKeeper application
  • NOTE: As an alternative to Steps 3 and 4, you can select the Applications button from the Home screen, then select the Downloads application, and then select the apk or PatientKeeper-n.apk file from there.

The following message appears: “PatientKeeper. Do you want to install this application? It will get access to: [description of the access allowed].” Please note that the PatientKeeper application is free.

5. Select the Next button and then the Install button.

6. Select Open to immediately launch the PatientKeeper application.

screenshot showing the option to select open

7. Select Allow

screenshot showing the option to select allow

If user selects Deny, the setting can be updated:

  • Go to Android settings >Applications> Application Manager> find PK >go to permissions and change the Storage to On
screenshot showing the option to change storage to on