Nursing Service Areas

3 North

3 North is a 44 bed Med/Surg/Telemetry unit with a variety of diagnoses and capacity of monitoring 18 cardiac patients. Common treatments include surgeries, COPD, CHF, abdominal pain, pneumonia, GI bleed and cellulites.

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2 South

2 South is a 34 bed unit specializing in Orthopaedic care, including traumas, elective total joints (hip, knee, and occasionally shoulder, elbow and ankle), hip fractures, fractures of other bones (such as ankles and wrists), and spine surgeries such as Laminectomy, Diskectomy, Anterior/Posterior Cervical Fusions and Lumbar Fusions.

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ICU is a 12 bed mixed unit that treats medical and surgical patients: ventilators, invasive lines (Swan Ganz, CVP, A-Line), Vasoactive Drips and all Titratable Drips, surgical patients with comorbidities, vascular surgeries (AAA, Fem-Pop’s, Arteriogram & TPA). The unit has special equipment including new state of the art monitoring, and non invasive cardiac output monitors.

Women’s and Children’s Services

Women’s and Children’s Services consists of Mother-Baby, a level II NICU, Nursery, Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics. This unit is the area’s provider of choice for Women’s and Children’s Services and has the privilege of proudly delivering an average of 200 babies per month.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services has a volume of up to 150 patients per day, which includes 30-40% Pediatrics population and also receives the area’s Orthopaedics traumas. The ER has a self-governing steering committee (consisting of employees and physicians) who are accountable for responsibilities but can also make positive changes in the unit.

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Other Nursing Areas

  • Cath Lab
  • OR
  • PACU
  • Outpatient Surgery Center
  • GI Lab
  • Center for Wound Care