Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center has earned a reputation for personal care and attention that compliments the highest level of medical care. Our commitment to the individual needs of patients – both physical and emotional – is evident in every area of the hospital.

The hospital’s surgical unit offers pre- and post-operative care for a variety of major surgical procedures, including general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and urology.

Our physicians are leaders in the use of computer and laser-assisted surgical procedures, which help maintain high clinical outcomes for our patients undergoing a variety of precise and challenging procedures related to knee, sinus, and spine surgery.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is also a leader in adopting innovative patient safety measures. We were the first hospital in the region to use bedside computers, which increase the accuracy of patient medical records. We were also the first hospital in the region to use an electronic system to verify patients receive the correct medications at the correct dosage at the correct time.

Patient Safety

In addition to a clean, quiet environment in which to heal, we want to make sure our patients are safe while in our care. Upon admission, a nurse meets with each patient to explain our patient safety programs that include topics such as infection control and fall prevention. By addressing these topics early in our patient’s care, we are providing information that will help them have a safe, healing experience.