Robbin Catt - Director

Robbin Catt


# Beds: 44

Staffing Ratio: Primary Service: 3-4:1 Core: 5-7:1

Our Mission: We are committed to preserving and improving the quality of health to our customers and to excel in meeting the holistic needs of our community.

Common treatments: We care for a variety of diagnoses ranging from Pneumonia, CHF, COPD, Chest Pain, Gastrointestinal complications, Wound Care, Diabetes, and Surgical care. We have a state of the art Mirror Telemetry monitoring system with the capacity to monitor 18 patients within our Unit. Our department utilizes state-of-the-art technologies such as Computerized Documentation, eMAR, and Accudose

Staffing: Our staffing team consists of a Charge Nurse, RNs, LPNs, and Patient Care Techs. A typical day shift consists of a team of 2 LPNs with 5-7 patients overseen by 2 RNs with 5-6. These four nurses have 2 Patient Care Techs to provide ADL to our customers. All the other RNs provide “primary services” caring for 3-4 patients.

Special recognition: Department of the Quarter (2010)

What To Expect

  • Flexible orientation program based on individual needs
  • Family-like atmosphere with a challenging, fast paced and rewarding environment
  • Satisfaction in learning and in knowing that everyday is different
  • Wide range of patient diagnoses and conditions, largest volume of ER and Direct admits within hospital
  • Excellent consistent quality patient care
  • Wide variety of consults and physician exposure
  • Great foundation of nursing skills for new graduates

My Management Style

Central to the success of my department is to follow a shared leadership approach. My employees have a voice and are tasked to set unit standards of patient care and customer service through our Unit Council.

Our Team

Our department works in a collaborative manner with a variety of departments including the hospitalist, case managers, respiratory therapists, dieticians, and physical therapists. We also like to have fun: we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and have celebrations on the unit during holidays for working staff. The key to the success of any department is Teamwork.The nursing staff on 3N has embraced this concept.