Online Pre-Registration & Scheduling

You may pre-register online if you:

Are Scheduled For a Procedure

Need to Schedule a Mammogram

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At Gulf Coast Medical Center, we understand your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve added Online Pre-Registration and Mammogram Scheduling to our menu of Registration options.

If you prefer to use Online Pre-Registration and Mammogram Scheduling, follow the instructions on the box below. Before you begin, be sure you have all of the information listed below:

  • Social Security number
  • Name of ordering physician
  • Date of your scheduled procedure
  • All insurance cards information
  • Employer information

For privacy reasons, if you leave your computer idle for more than 20 minutes, your form will not be saved and you will have to begin again.

Check-in with our registration staff on the date of your scheduled service to complete the registration process. Please be advised that you will sign all consent forms during your visit.

3-in-60 Women’s Imaging Package

Three Tests. One appointment. Completed in one hour.

If your doctor has ordered a mammogram, labs, and a Dexa Scan for you, ask the scheduler about our 3-in-60 Women’s Imaging Package.