Questions regarding loved ones transferred from our hospital should call (844) 582-2350.
If you are experiencing symptoms of an illness or injury and other non-emergency needs, you may speak with a registered nurse by calling (850) 747-3600.
Employees needing disaster relief information should call the HCA disaster relief line at (844) 710-6158.

For Employees

HCA’s HR mobile team is onsite at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center on the 2nd floor. Shelters are available for employees and their families in Niceville and transportation is provided both ways. Each shelter is fully equipped with cots, linens, food, beverages, hygiene kits, etc. Please contact the HCA Disaster Relief line at (844) 710-6158 for more information.

The ER at Gulf Coast Medical Center is open to support our community following Hurricane Michael.

We have evacuated all other patients due to significant storm damage.

If you are looking for information on a loved one who was evacuated from our hospital, please call 844-582-2350. This patient reunification line is staff 24/7 to help reconnect you.

If you are checking on the safety of one of our team members or seeking to reach your loved one who works for Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, we can confirm that we made contact with all employees following the storm and all were safe at that time. We are setting up shelters for our team members and their families and helping them to make contact as quickly as possible.

If you or a loved one are currently experiencing symptoms of an illness or injury or seeking available medical resources you may speak with a Registered Nurse by calling (850) 747-3600. We can help navigate you to the resources needed.

If you are looking for open pharmacies or other support resources, this site can help:

On Wednesday, October 10, Hurricane Michael came onshore near Panama City as a category 4 storm causing significant damage to our community and our hospital.

Our ER will remain open to support our community, however we have evacuated our patients starting with the most critically ill because of the infrastructure challenges in our community. Until we can be certain of stable public power, water and sewage systems, our patients will be safest in one of our sister hospitals in a neighboring community that was not as severely impacted by the hurricane.

At the same time, we know our community will need our ER and we are going to do everything possible to keep our ER open to effectively treat and stabilize patients. We also have ERs open and ready to care for you in nearby communities. View a complete listing here:

The federal government is also deploying a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (a mobile medical team used specifically for disaster situations like this) that will provide emergency care for the community.

Your Safety

We urge you to be safe during this time. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1. If you are looking for information on shelters or other storm resources, visit

We are committed to caring for our community and will quickly reopen all services as soon as it is safe to do so.

Food & Water Resources (open to the public, available sunup to sundown):

  • Lucille Moore Elementary School – 1900 Michigan Avenue, Panama City
  • Bozeman Learning Center – 13410 State 77
  • Parker Elementary School – 640 S. Hwy 22
  • Rosenwald Elementary School – 924 Bay Ave
  • Cherry Street Elementary – 1125 Cherry St
  • Super Walmart – 2101 State 77

Additional information is available at: News Herald

Physician Services Groups

The following physician service groups are are open to see patients, however, you may be seen at an alternative location. If you need to contact your provider, please call the practice phone number. You can also request prescription refills.

  • Gulf Coast Regional Medical Care
  • Gulf Coast Cardiology
  • Gulf Coast Pediatric and General Surgery
  • Gulf Coast Primary Care

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center offers one of the most comprehensive hurricane preparedness plans to ensure our patients and our staff who care for them are safe before, during and after a storm. We have contracts with vendors from around the state and nation to provide support from on-site security to generators and food for our patients and staff. Transfer processes and plans with our network of hospitals across the country also exist should patients need to be relocated.

As an acute care hospital, our resources are committed to providing for our patients and staff who will remain here to care for them during the duration of the storm. Please note we are not a shelter and are not equipped to serve as a shelter during a storm.

If You Are Expecting

Any pregnant woman who is two weeks from her due date (36 weeks gestation) or is considered high-risk may be asked to stay at the hospital in the event of a hurricane. If your physician determines that it is necessary for you to be in the hospital, arrive no later than four hours before landfall.

If You Receive Home Health Care and Are Homebound

If you are a homebound patient or dependent on any medical device that requires electricity, please contact your physician to ask for his or her recommendation.

If you are receiving home health services, please make sure your home health provider has developed a special hurricane plan for you.

If you require oxygen, check with your supplier about emergency plans.

Should you evacuate, please remember to take with you:

  • Medications
  • Written Care Instructions
  • Special Equipment
  • Bedding

If You Have Special Needs

If you are dependent on life support systems or on any medical device which requires electricity, you will need to make plans to relocate early for a hurricane. Power may be off for some time before, during and after a storm.