At Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, we are committed to quality patient care and to treating each other with loyalty, dignity and respect. Our customer service standards are our commitment to our patients as well as to each other.

I- Integrity

  • We treat each other with honesty during every interaction.
We commit to always do the right thing.

C- Compassion

  • We treat our customers in a compassionate manner. Our compassion for each other thrives and grows as we serve each customer.
We commit to treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

A- Accountability

  • We demonstrate pride in being associated with Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center.
  • We help each other to maintain and improve our hospital’s appearance and performance for our customers.
We commit to accept responsibility for the work that we do.

R- Respect

  • We treat customers with respect, courtesy and concern.
  • We handle our customers, internal and external, with care.
  • We respond with respect and courtesy to each person with whom we interact.
We commit to value each person’s uniqueness.

E- Excellence

  • We actively work to understand our customers’ needs and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.
  • We respond to our customers in a timely manner, following our standards for specific situations.
  • We always help one another to assist to a customer
We commit to exceed our customers’ expectations for care and comfort.