It's not unusual for babies to cry, but it can be challenging when dealing with an extremely fussy baby. Helping ease that stress is the goal of an awareness campaign being promoted at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center.


The awareness campaign is known as Period of Purple Crying. Purple is an acronym that helps parents identify the characteristics of a fussy baby. The 'P' stands for peak of crying, which typically occurs between two and five months of age.

"Sometimes we see what's called Shaken Baby Syndrome, and it's actually referred to as Abusive Head Trauma now. It happens usually between two and six months of life from caregivers being overwhelmed or frustrated. Babies won't stop crying. They give them just a quick little shake, and it unfortunately causes detrimental side effects," explained Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse Amber Scruggs.

Medical experts say it's important to check with your child's pediatrician if you have concerns. However, if you've met your baby's needs and he or she doesn't seem to be hurting or sick, you can lay the baby down safely in their bed so you don't get overwhelmed if the crying won't stop.

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