As powerful Hurricane Michael came ashore, labor and delivery nurses at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center rode out the storm while helping deliver babies. Tanya Clunan and Teresa Kirkland were two of the nurses helping three women who were in active labor during the storm. To help keep the laboring moms safe, they had to be moved away from windows.

“We never left them. We were here the entire time to be their support and care for them and love them,” Clunan said as she fought back tears.

Kirkland explained that the patients had to be moved more than once throughout the storm to ensure their safety. At one point, all three women were in a small triage room with curtains for privacy.

“You could see the nervousness and the fear on everyone's faces, even the staff. One minute we were fine. We were taking care of business, and the next minute we were trying to connect our family and frankly, crying,” said Kirkland.

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